About Jade

URGENT: Break-ins are on the rise.

Here are 11 ways to improve home security:

  1. Have an alarm system installed that alerts the Police or Sherriff, and know your panic buttons that call police if someone is trying to break in when you are home. 
  2. If you love dogs and have time to care for them, get a dog. Two dogs even better.
  3. Install security cameras.
  4. Install motion detector lights and watchdog noise makers.
  5. Put lights in your home and outside your home on timers.
  6. Change up your routine. Don’t be too predictable. 
  7. Get to know your neighbors, put small squabbles aside and watch out for each other. Notify trusted neighbors if you will be out of town. Have your paper picked up and hire someone to check on your home daily.
  8. Pay attention to cars in your neighborhood and take pictures and report suspicious activity immediately.
  9. LOCK all doors and windows, day and night.
  10. Lock gates and get rid of your hide-a-key.
  11. Never put yourself or others in harms way—always call the police or sheriff!
Do not confront criminals yourself–call the police immediately!

Albuquerque  Contractor Jeff Speck and his wife Debra Speck started Jade Enterprises in 1983.  Jade Enterprises, Inc, is  Licensed (#51199) and Insured. Remodeling homes; Kitchens,  Baths, Additions, and renovating Albuquerque’s finest homes.  Over the years, Jade Enterprises, Inc has been recognized for Excellence in Remodeling in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas.

Our five highly-skilled project managers have earned their reputation in the Remodeling industry.  Jade Enterprises prides itself on customer service. Jade Enterprises is best known for its ability to handle large technically challenging projects.  Jade Enterprises completes jobs from small remodel projects to complete home construction.

The Owners:
Jeff Speck
Contractor Jeff Speck, Owner and President of Jade Enterprises Inc, is a Certified Graduate Remodeler and a Certified Green Professional— designations earned through the Home Builder’s Association and the Remodeler’s Council within the association. Jeff has been a member of the local association and council since 1987 and has won numerous awards for remodeling projects during that time. Jeff has a GB-98 and is a member of the BBB.

Debra Speck
Debra Speck, Owner and Vice President of Jade Enterprises Inc, directs inside
operations and oversees finances, public relations, marketing and investments for Jade Enterprises, Inc.  Debra served as Chair of the local Remodeler’s Council of the Home Builders Association of Central New Mexico.  She has served on the board for many of the past 18 years and was recently awarded “Remodeler of the Year”.

Provisions Held by Jade Enterprises:
GB-98 License # 51199
Liability and Workers’ Compensation Insurance
Builders Risk Insurance (Optional)

Subcontractors Carry Workers Comp and Liability
Highly- Skilled Project Manager On Site

Warranty on Work and Material
Roof Warranty
Lead Paint Certification
Written Contract
Local and National Home Builders Assoc. Member Since 1987
Remodelers Council Member Since 1987
Past Client References
Better Business Bureau Member

In Business since 1983