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The Team

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Jeff & Debra Speck

President/Vice President

Jeff and Debra Speck have been involved in the Building/Remodeling industry for the past 35+ years. When Jeff’s construction experience met Debra’s business experience  (Jeff And Debra) Jade Enterprises was born. In the early days of Jade Enterprises Jeff and Debra worked on the projects together. As work increased associates were hired to manage the projects and the couple’s time was quickly taken up with office responsibilities. Jeff’s ability to see the potential of a home helps him in the design and estimating process. Debra oversees business financials, human resources and investments. Together they are the perfect team looking out for your best interest!

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James Project Manager.jpeg

Office Administration and Client Support

In 2015, Ellen began working part-time for Jade Enterprises, handling office administration and client support. After raising two sons, she enjoys pursuing her interests in hiking, tennis, horses and travel.

Project Manager

James began his career with Jade Enterprises in 1990 as a helper but quickly advanced to project manager. He is now a project estimator and coordinator. James manages the small project and callbacks department. In addition, as safety coordinator, James is certified by the EPA to handle lead contaminated projects. James oversees the cost accounting, scheduling and purchasing. James is married with three children. His dream is to "watch my kids grow, enjoy life and continue working at Jade."

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Sebastian (Seb)

Sebastian started his career with Jade Enterprises in 1992. Sebastian joined the Jade Team after returning home from the Gulf War. Sebastian’s artistic talent and vast experience on the job sites has earned him great recognition and many awards. He is certified by the EPA for handling lead contaminated sites. He is married with three children and one day he hopes to hike across the country from Canada to the Baja of Mexico.


Doug began working for Jade Enterprises in 1994. He is currently a project manager with great knowledge on the job. Doug was the founder of a local ski shop which he and his wife ran for 15 years. He is a great resource for construction and business questions alike. Doug is married with two grown children. In his younger days Doug played college baseball. His lifelong dream is to keep managing jobs for Jade, travel and play golf.

Rick of Jade Enterprises.jpeg
Chad of Jade Enterprises.jpeg


Rick has worked with Jade Enterprises for 15 years. Rick’s specialty is new construction. Rick played semi-pro baseball and today enjoys a good round of golf with his girlfriend and making wonderful desserts for company picnics. Rick has 4 adult children. His burning desire is to continue to work for Jade, and to play golf and fish.


Chad Morris started at Jade Enterprises in 1999 as a laborer and moved on to become a talented project manager. By 2007 he left Jade and went to school and became an EMT-B and started teaching CPR. He returned in 2014 to a career and company that he always loved. Chad is married with children. His dreams are to travel the world and see his family thrive.

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